FA Trophy v Chertsey Town

Hanworth Villa 1

  • Ben Geraghty (90′)

Chertsey Town 1

  • Sam Omperon (27′)

For the second time already this season we faced local rivals Chertsey Town, who as per usual brought a loud vocal crowd. The game ended in a draw with Chertsey going a head at the mid-point of the first half. As the game came towards its conclusion there was a feeling that we were going to get something from it and sure enough up popped Ben Geraghty in the last minute with a goal to send the game to penalties.

This was an odd night as England were also playing against Ukraine in a 5 o’clock kick-off and it seemed that as the game drew to a close a lot of the home spectators had drifted into the clubhouse to grab a seat to watch the national side (some perhaps unaware that we’d equalised).

This meant that as the final whistle blew the Chertsey fans made their way en masse to behind the goal where the penalties were going to be taken. There were few home fans there and those that were mainly children who were out shouted by a bullish travelling crowd. Whether this made a difference to the players is always hard to ascertain but in the end Chertsey went through winning 2-4 on penalties.

As our players came off the pitch there were very few of us there to clap them off which seemed a bit lousy as our boys had put a real effort in.