THE 76’ers

What is a 76’er

A 76er is a noble beast. A member of an elite group of people determined to do right. They can rightly be looked at as being on a par with more famous noble bands such as The Knight Templar or The Fantastic Four.

Why be a 76’er

Because you’re a good person at heart and you love your football club. You also don’t mind winning a few quid if you can. Surely there can be no better feeling than knowing that you’re doing your bit in helping your club to survive, and shoveling winnings into your back pocket.

Sounds good. There must be a catch?

Well obviously there’s a catch and, as always with these things, it’s going to cost you. £10 per month to be precise, but we will give you something in return. A number.

A Number?

Yes a number. A number could be your passport to vast riches. Must emphasize the “could” in that sentence though.
Each month, as long as you are paid up, your number will be entered into the cash draw, and, if successful, you will start to build your fortune.

Stop waffling. Give me the numbers.

OK if you’ve had the stamina to continue reading to this point you’re obviously not a person to be trifled with here’s the “skinny”.
The cost is £10 per month.  Each month:- The prizes will be1 x £100, 1 x £50 & 2 x £25
The prize amounts assume that everybody is fully paid up. They will be changed pro-rata to take any “welchers” into account. They will also be adjusted to suit the number of 76ers.The more members the more there will be to win.

Ok I’m sold. How do I join up?

All you have to do is let the club know. You can do this by emailing [email protected]
or by telling either one of the committee, or one of the bar staff and they will do the rest.

Go on you know it makes sense.

£100  Vera Johnson
£ 50 Chris Keppel
£25 Gilbert Sheridan
£25 Laura Ireland