Statement from the club regarding Play-Off final

Sunday represents the biggest game in Hanworth Villa’s 47 year history as we play Walton & Hersham in the Isthmian South Central division play off final to win the right to play at step 3 next season. It will be a sell-out crowd of 2,500 at the Excel Sports Hub in Walton and we will certainly be in a minority supporter wise but we hope we can gain the neutral supporter vote as the underdogs in this contest.

To ensure we get the best out of the occasion the club urges all Hanworth Villa supporters, their friends and family attending to show the values and behaviour that the club has within its support. We want our support to be vocal and loud but let’s all ensure it’s respectful, as we know there will be a large section of both supporters that are young and only just starting their journey in football.

Given the size of the crowd – for health and safety reasons – there will be professional stewarding at the game, plus a police presence. Both the stewards and police are there, not because of any behavioural concerns, but to ensure it’s an enjoyable and safe occasion for all.

The main concerns both clubs have are:

  • Supporters entering the pitch during or after the game – endangering the players safety. It’s unlawful and unacceptable. Both clubs, the Isthmian Football League and the authorities will take action against anyone committing this offence.
  • The second is the current fad of letting off flares before, during and after matches.

We witnessed both of these at the semi-final on Wednesday at Marlow. It was reported to the FA and will result in heavy sanctions on Marlow FC. We don’t want anything like this to tarnish our club’s reputation.

If you are found in possession of flares at the turnstile you will not be allowed in.

There will be searches on all spectators at the turnstiles, as rumours have spread around both clubs that flares may be smuggled into the ground. We make it clear that if you are found in possession of flares at the turnstile you will not be allowed in. If you are found in possession of flares inside the ground you will be ejected from the ground, so just do not bring them.

Whether we win or lose any incidents will mar the occasion and result in sanctions against our club. Let’s keep any grand celebrations for when we get back to the Ranch.

We want everyone to enjoy the day, so as supporters be self-policing. If you see any one of our supporters behaving badly or inappropriately please remind them of their responsibilities as a club member and supporter.

Let’s get behind the team and cheer them onto a famous and historic victory.